Arthroscopic bankart protocol repair

Download Arthroscopic bankart protocol repair

Download Arthroscopic bankart protocol repair

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Post-operative rehabilitation is essential after arthroscopic Bankart repair. The initial phase will focus on protection and progressive range of motion exercises to

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arthroscopic bankart repair protocol

arthroscopic (keyhole) repair: This keyhole operation is usually done through two or The physiotherapy rehabilitation protocol will vary according to the type of Stage I (0-4 weeks for open repair; 0-4 weeks for arthroscopic repair). These exercises will be performed independently at home. Shoulder sling: Wear sling for 4 Bankart Repair Protocol This is called a Bankart tear and may or may not be whether the procedure is open or arthroscopic all patients will likely be home.ARTHROSCOPIC BANKART REPAIR PROTOCOL. Dr. Walter R. Lowe. This rehabilitation protocol has been developed for the patient following an arthroscopic

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Department of Rehabilitation Services. Physical Therapy. Arthroscopic Anterior Stabilization (with or without Bankart. Repair): The intent of this protocol is to Rehabilitation after Arthroscopic Posterior Bankart Repair. Phase 1: 0 to 2 weeks .. Shoulder Exercises for Posterior Bankart Repair Rehabilitation Protocol. 1. BANKART REPAIR (ARTHROSCOPIC / OPEN). POST-SURGICAL REHABILITATION PROTOCOL. POST-OP DAYS 1 - 7. • Sling x 6 weeks – Even while Bankart Repair Protocol If procedure is performed arthroscopically strengthening of the rotator cuff muscles Isometric exercises - submaximal (begin Day 3). Rehab Protocol for Arthroscopic Bankart Repair. The Bankart procedure is performed to increase anterior stability of the shoulder. The following is a guideline for

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